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A Money Saving Mindset

RRP $18.99

This simple and effective guide gives you 40 ways to help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars. This book was written with the passion to help everyone who wants to keep more of their hard earned money. Also included as a bonus in this book is the Money Saving Game Plan. This easy-to-use guide will help you succeed in saving and achieving your financial goals. This book will encourage you to create a "money saving mindset".

The Money Saving Mom's Budget

RRP $32.99

Mommy-money blogger Crystal Paine distills her best financial advice and secrets from her blog MONEY SAVING MOMr, to help families get their finances in order. Based on The Money Saving Mom’s Seven Rules for Financial Success and written in a simple, straight-forward style, this book offers an easy plan for a complete financial makeover.

In the first few chapters, you'll learn how to set big financial goals and actually follow through with them, how to organize your home and life so you can have more time to focus on getting your finances in order, and how to implement a realistic cash budget system that can transform your financial situation.

After laying the foundation for financial success in the first few chapters, Paine then teaches you step-by-step how to cut your grocery and household expenditures by 30% to 50%. You'll learn both basic and advanced couponing techniques, 25 practical ways to save money on groceries without clipping coupons, how to buy prescription glasses for under $20, how to dress your children for free, and much more.

If you think living a frugal, simple and debt-free life means you can't ever enjoy dining out, entertainment or vacations, guess again! From money-saving vacation ideas to secrets to dining out on a budget, this book shows you how to enjoy strategic splurging -- and how to do it at half the price.

Sprinkled throughout the book are testimonies from people whose lives have been transformed through the principles Paine shares. You'll be inspired, challenged and motivated to spend less, save more and make the most of what you have.

Make Money From Makes

RRP $16.99

"Make Money from Makes" is for anyone who has a passion, skill or hobby and an interest in turning this into a business. You may be baking cakes for friends and family and dreaming of doing this full time or have a way with words that could be turned into commissions. Maybe you paint or draw and wonder if those who offer praise would be prepared to pay for your creations, or whether your flair for fashion could lead to financial return. Whatever your talent, it's likely you can turn this into a business with customers paying for the quality products or services you offer. Whether artisan or tailor, writer or baker, what you will discover from this book is how to: make sales beyond friends and family; promote your brand and become well known; register the company and manage the finances; embrace technology to save time and money; convey a professional image; online and off; create a support network and work with partners. Above all, it shows how to make money from doing what you love! The book is divided into clear chapters with stories throughout of people who have successfully started and grown their own business; from Laura Helps who started out making cakes and is now building a business around helping others do the same, to Sandra Lewis who left a 20 year corporate career to develop a global VA business, and Mother and Daughter team Marion Paterson and Emily McIntyre who have turned misfortune into a thriving venture that sells handmade jewellery to customers locally, and further afield. They all offer their stories and top tips for success. With clear steps, useful links and expert advice, consider this book your guide as you launch your business, and share it with friends and family who are doing the same!

Save Our Unions

RRP $259.99

"Save Our Unions: Dispatches From A Movement in Distress brings together recent essays and reporting by labor journalist Steve Early. The author illuminates the challenges facing U.S. workers, whether they're trying to democratize their union, win a strike, defend past contract gains, or bargain with management for the first time. Drawing on forty years of personal experience, Early writes about cross-border union campaigning, labor strategies for organizing and health care reform, and political initiatives that might lessen worker dependence on the Democratic Party. Save Our Unions contains vivid portraits of rank-and-file heroes and heroines, both well-known and unsung. It takes readers to union conventions and funerals, strikes and picket-lines, celebrations of labor's past and struggles to insure that unions still have a future in the 21st century. The book's insight, analysis and advocacy make this an important contribution to the project of labor revitalization and reform"--

Money Laundering Control In The Caribbean

RRP $854.99

It has long been believed that the most effective way to immobilise organised criminal activity lies in blocking the channels that allow illegally-obtained assets to enter the economic mainstream. Yet even as international law enforcement cooperation in this vital endeavour becomes ever more focused, the bewildering domain of criminal money laundering techniques remains elusive. The "gross national product" of international crime still exceeds that of many nations.

The special value of this new book is to be seen in its close conjunction of what we know of laundering channels and methods on the one hand and existing legal regimes (both preventive and reactive) on the other. Although major victories on the side of law and order are not numerous so far, the author clearly demonstrates that progress is being made in certain areas and that the overall thrust of international law and cooperation in the field is growing stronger. She goes on to identify a number of linkages between criminal necessities and potential legal measures that are likely to bear fruit.

Among the central problems considered and elucidated are the following:

  • the systemic corruption engendered by money laundering;
  • the secrecy inherent in the offshore financial industry;
  • the shortcomings of criminal penalties for money laundering;
  • the tensions created by extraterritorial jurisdiction;
  • the identification of responsible criminal parties;
  • the conceptual complexities in the civil law;
  • the limitations of international police and judicial assistance; and
  • the often contradictory effects of U.S. foreign policy.

    The book's focus is on the Caribbean-and particularly on the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, and Jamaica-to keep the discussion within manageable bounds. This specialisation permits a close comparison of the way local laws interact with international and extraterritorial measures designed to intercept illegal money "on the way to the laundry". It is the author's belief that the insights gained by this in-depth comparison will shed light on the paths to be followed by law enforcement agents and judicial tribunals as they pursue their goal of stemming the flow of laundered illegal money into the world's economies.


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